Tuesday, June 20, 2006


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Over 500 visitors just for today?

I guess the headline of me being ban for life from the New Brunswick Legislature attracted a lot of curious readers.

This is going to be a long one and I’m doing it while watching the hockey game.

Ok...Now that it’s official? I can write about my little experience of being ban from the Legislature.

I first learn about this issue two days after I was arrested in Saint John.

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From what my sources told me?

Bernard Lord was chatting with a couple of people of my arrest and added that I was being banned from the Legislature.

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I quickly made my contact with my sources and I was told that it was indeed true that I was banned.

A few MLA’S told me that it wasn’t right but the Lord Government has the majority in the Legislative Administration committee.

It’s not a huge surprise because months ago they told the Quebec security staff that I showed be closely monitored.

I always behaved in the Legislature.

I know the rules and I was following them.

I even had a Commissionaire telling me that he’ll break my camera in my face but I still remain calm.

I’ll get to that in future blogs.

I saw a lot of things in there that you will not see in the Irvings newspapers.

Many of these acts, I just kept it to myself.

So, I was in Saint George in Charlotte County but I never told anyone where I was because I know the Sargeant-At-Arms visits my blog 10 times a day!

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Good job eh???

These Quebecers must have look for me with their security cameras all week long.

I’m certain they were just like the army in a war...waiting waiting..and waiting but no enemy in sight...lol

I was thinking about my next move because it’s been a game of chest between me and Dan Bussieres since I landed in the Capital three years ago.

I was told that the Fredericton Police Force were at my door twice and I was certain that it was to serve me papers that I wasn’t allowed at the legislature.

I landed here on Sunday and Monday morning I decided to face the Quebec security staff at the legislature.

I made a quick stop and made contact with this girl.


I asked her if she would come with me at the Legislature to take some pictures?

She told me that she would love to.

I told her that we have to move fast once we’re on the ground of the Legislature because these Quebec security staff will noticed me in their camera.

I told her that once we got through the doors?

If I signed the book, this means that everything is ok.

We’ll just go at the Library and ignore the pictures.

If the Quebec security staff stops me?

Stay at the door and clicked away!!! Once we walked in the Legislature, there was no one in sight.

I went to sign the book but suddenly Bernard the Quebecer ran from his office and told me to stop right there!


I’m certain that he was waiting for that line for over one week?

Bernard was surprised that I had someone with me.

Charles 04_07_05 015

He noticed that the girl was taking pictures.

He quickly ran behind his desk and phone Dan Bussieres.

He said- Il est ici!!!

It means - He’s here!!!

There I was and I knew what was coming.

Dan Bussieres arrive on the scene like a professional!

He finally succeeded in convincing the Speaker of the House Tanker Malley to sign papers to have me banned!!!

I predicted this months ago and I’ll get to this issue in future blogs.

Dan was surprised a woman was there taking pictures.


In the past, he would hid from me when I took my camera out but not this time.

This was the final era and it was SHOWTIME!!!

I was going to have some good souvenirs.

For the Sargeant-At-Arms? It must have been a difficult task.

He directed me outside and began reading the banning letter en Francais.

I told him that I don’t understand his French so therefore I want it read in English.


He stopped and began to read the letter like a Cop would read me my rights!

Once he came to the part of harassing the people in the House?

I asked - Who did I harassed?


He never answered and just continued to read.

I reminded Dan that I got a human rights complaint pending against him and he had no right to evict me.

He just ignore me and continue to talk.

I even step away from him for a few seconds just to make certain the camera was working. I also hid behind the pillar so the camera cannot video tape me.

He continued and continued.

He reminded me of someone reading me my sentence in front of a fire squad?

We used to be good friends and what do you expect the kind of religion he belongs to? I’ll get to that in future blogs!

Once he was done? I expected the Quebecer to handle me the papers and walked inside?

That’s not what happen!

Thank God? There was nobody around because if the Legislature would have been open?

I would have been surrounded by the Fredericton police Force and many commissionaires and they would have escorted me in a group.

Dan wanted to degrade me in front of the camera so he directed me to the streets.


It was embarrassing.

I made him stop by the media gallery praying that the media would see what’s going on and they would run outside asking questions.


I stayed there for close to one minute and no people from the media.

I once again congratulated him in forcing Tanker to sign those papers.


Once on the street, he turned his back and walked in the Legislature.

I looked at the papers and they weren’t even signed.


He did signed some papers but I believe with the girl around clicking the camera?

He got confused and gave me the wrong papers.

That’s what happen and I’ll get to more about this issue on future blogs!



Anonymous said...

This is disgraceful but it doesnot surprise me because truly we have no rights. Here in Saint John if people want a voice they have none. Councillors here are also gagged our so called Mayor who ran on a theme of all inclusive Team Saint John and would represent all people. From the start backroom deals and private meeting with some councillors and Board and Committees but mainly the Irvings. He is set up nicely for life but we are left behind.

Premier Lord is the same he will not back up the people of NB. To pass a Bill to allow Billionaires to not have to pay their fair share of taxes for 25 years is wrong and criminal. He should be taken out of his position but his kind who is a lawyer should be disbarred. If any average people did what they have done they would be arrested and charged for wrong doing. Barring you shows what kind of character we representing our province. I would to say more but I am sure they would arrest me for voicing my opinion because we really don't have rights only when we agree. Welcome to Canada, NB and our so called Democratic Dictatorship. They take our money and misuse it and tell us we all the rights when they compaign and do the total opposite when they are voted in and we get stuck in this system for decades. A few good people does not make the system good for the people. Great to con the people and fill their pockets at our expense. All smoke and mirrors. Legally I believe barring you is wrong but we don't have a fair system.

Anonymous said...

Charles, I thought for sure you would be talking about this situation, on talk of the town this-morning.

Have you heard from any of the Liberal Party People about what happened ? Or have they abandoned you ?

And I don't mean that in a cruel or mean manner.

wolf said...

Absolutely disgraceful! This shows in very graphic terms that the Lord government cannot handle criticism.

Personally I have no party allegiance, having voted for each of the 3 main parties at one time or another, both Provincially and Federally.

I believe that you can not really tell the character of a party until they hold power. That being the case, this party lacks character in every sense of the word--history will not judge this group well.

Is Bernard Lord our Province's worst Premier ever? Probably.

Malcolm said...

Good for you Chuck, a day well spent. Would you do an interview for The Harpoville Post?
The Harpoville Post

In your corner just not all the way said...

Charlie so far I see three things wrong with this story.

#1 There was no witness with you while Dan went over your eviction as is common practice by any level of authority in this province when being served legally binding papers of any type and especially on the doorstep of the Legislature of which I have been witness to myself many many times in the past with others who have been excused from the demicratic process.

#2 I see the Quebec Authority still makes it up as they go along, In which I am refering to your camera - Funny how it can indeed be used INSIDE the doors of the Legislature BUT just NOT in YOUR hands.

Maybe now would be a good time to let the public know that this girl could indeed be a Blogger and was able to take pictures of you being evicted from the House of the People without Official Journalist Papers from within the doors of ill gotten ganes for some? and yes she still has the camera and pictures to prove it.

#3 With no signatures what-so-ever on your notice of eviction I don't know of any Court in the land that can say that is legal and or if they somehow can I know hundreds of people who have unsigned documents tied up in the court systems along with one hell of a large bill trying to prove their side of the story but to no avail because they either weren't signed in the proper place or can't be made out or failer to get proper signature to begin with.

#4/Oh,the BEST for last-- Since when does the Premier of The Province go out of his way at a NON-Provincial matter of a personal nature on a Saturday Evening to discuss the Fate or Future of a Private Resident or Citizen of this Province with other Politicians of which I too genuinely believe did take place, Because I was well informed of your future in the Legislature of this meeting in advance also.

Good Luck with all of this and hang in there.

Starting to look for the little things said...

The proof is right on the front of this post note the bottom righthand corner of the paper where it says copy in written pen.

There certainly was a mistake on handing you a copy without signing them.

You were wrongly served.

a friend to both said...

That's the REAL problem right there!

They DO know exactly what their doing!

Mr. Tanker Malley and people of his nature are the very reason our Political system has gone to hell in a hand basket.

Dan Bussieres has let the Security Clause go to his head.

Another would be his ability to fool those around him with his False sense of or should I say Convenience of God and or religion.

I almost forgot how he likes to play with the Mental Health issue as well.

Did Mr. Bussieres not call a Mental Health Councilor directly to the steps of the Legislature to try and quash any credibility your friend Tim Smith had on the VLT issue as well?, on his return to the Legislature in May of last year after only his First day there as I recall?,

Yet he failed to act on that very concern in January of that same year when it was forty below with the windchill and he was barely dressed for it.?

I had always believed he crossed the line back then by giving his personal view of Mr. Smith’s condition without proper merit.

And I seem to recall when that didn't work Mr. Bussieres had Tim put out of the Legislature as well but at that time he couldn’t put a label on why he felt this was necessary?

When Mr. Bussieres realized this had no merit, Mr .Smith was allowed to enter the house but with limited access to certain areas i.e.: Library and Public Gallery.
Also, as far as I know,Tim Smith never did get an apology from Mr. Bossier or From the Speaker of The House which he was told he was going to receive shortly thereafter by way of a phone call upon his arrival back home to Saint John.

(I'll have to call him and ask)

Then there’s the rocking in the Legislature? (Channel 70)

That one has always boggled my mind?

He must be the only Sargent at Arms that sits there playing with the arms of a rocking chair and checking his cuticles while the house is in session?

He should get lessons from those who must Stand on guard for thee all day or night in the same spot at an unbelieveable difference in pay.

I often wondered if that is to control his own ADHD because that is one of the number one signs of ADHD. with adults. (Burning off unnecessary energy that may interfere with overactive character deficiencies).

Mr. Bussieres be a MAN and STAND for the people of this Province! After all we have Soldiers in Afghanistan STANDING for YOU and Yours! In the name of SECURITY!

If you are that tired of your job give it to someone with enough want and respect to stand and serve the public and their Representatives of The Peoples House.

If you want to sit in a rocking chair for the better part of the day and sit in your office playing with the joystick of the camera system until quitting time even though the area is completely empty then you should retire and go home to an afternoon ball game and a box of beer as you would not be allowed to do that even as a Security Guard in a mall during lunch.

I hope all goes well but then again Charles we do still have a Conservative Government at the helm under the guidance of the most secretive premier in New Brunswick's history named Mr. Bernard Lord so you may have to wait a bit longer for what little justice that might pass your way.

Anonymous said...

Great CBC online story Charles.

Police State Police said...

We're watching you watch us watch you!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Charles we need someone to continue taking pictures nad be there to cover the stories. Difficult to stick yourself out there and take the crap that goes with it and you do deserve respect.
Most people who follow what is going on understand and will support you.

Ritalin is a big problem and a risk that should not be used on our children. There are exceptions to everything but medicating most is wrong, criminial too. Physicians, teachers and policticians have not stepped up.

Anonymous said...

I see in that picture of you and Bernard Lord how Bernard Lord is smiling as he's shaking your hand Charles, he's nice to your face but would turn on you in an second. You should be more careful who you shake hands with.